Monday, December 14, 2009

Mach 1

These are two fairly old, but quite interesting articles about supersonic flight in mid power rockets. One discusses the work of a team to go supersonic with small rockets, and the possible results (with potentially overstated confidence I might add), and the other talks about how hard supersonic flight really is at this scale, and often falls into what seems like borderline pessimism. In other words, two sides of the story. Both are good reads, but keep in mind that neither one may end up being the whole truth. Has anyone explored supersonic flight with 18, 24, or 29mm rockets? What was your hardware, and what kinds of results have you seen?

H.A.R.T Mach 1
Mach 1 not so easy


The EGE said...

I've got three machbusters. The first was an 18mm machbuster. Unstable, unfortunately.

The second is my Machnum Force. 29mm minimum diameter, roughly 5 ounces, with a balsa nose cone from BMS, thin-wall cardboard tubing, and clementine-box fins, all coated with wood glue. Survived a flight to Mach 1.05 on a G78G at NERRF 5.

I also have the Mach Goon. Built from a Baby Bertha, 38mm motor mount, will fly on a CTI 38-2G G115WT. 142 Ns G motor. Also kraft tubing, clementine boxes, and wood glue.

I also have plans in the works for a 24mm Machbuster for the new F32T.

R2K said...

Yes we all know about the famous mach goon!

Laraway Kids said...

I'm working on a supersonic rocket on an Aerotech D21 it should barely hit mach 1.2. I bought the Estes Yankee, gave it a new hollowed out balsa nose cone and reinforced fins. I took out the streamer and put in a new elastic cord instead of the Estes one. Haven't flown it yet but I hope it works.