Sunday, November 29, 2009

Two big sets of rocketry images

Space Tech Photo Diary - Part 1

Space Tech Photo Diary - Part 2

How this wound up at a political blog I don't really know, but it is a great set of pictures of rockets and space gear. Do rockets look cool to non rocketry people?


Anonymous said...

Would canted engine clusters allow a (small) scale modeling of the Proton or Soyuz to fly straight without fins?

R2K said...

No, sadly canting the motors only ensures that they dont push the rocket too far off course or, in the event of a failure of one motor (in hobby rocketry), this prevents the rocket from going crazy. You still need fins because of variations in balance, wind resistance, and motor thrust. Canted motors only attempt to recreate a single motor state where all thrust goes directly through the center of the rocket. They cant do any better, so still fins! Or spin up the rocket, add a cone to the bottom, or make active guidance.

One of my first rockets, in the early days before I became serious about the hobby, I made a finless rocket. I had no idea why it would be a problem, but it was.

It is within the realm of the possible to give a finless rocket a very dense nose cone, and have a very high thrust rocket, and perhaps get a straight flight from it. Just maybe.