Thursday, November 19, 2009

N2000 min. dia. onboard to 27,000 feet

"Onboard video from my X-98 rocket:

4" dia., 8' tall, Carbon fiber airframe, custom 5:1 VonKarman fiberglass nosecone.

15 lbs dry weight
40 lbs. liftoff weight

N2000W motor
388 lbs. avg. thrust
6 second burn
30 second coast

27,500 ft.
2,200 ft/sec (Mach 2)
20 Gs

XPRS 2008 launch, sponsored by AeroPac.
Saturday, September 20th, 2008"

More info about this rocket:


The simulation for the N1100 is about 30,000 feet. That would be some nice footage! Or maybe get an O motor in there!

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thimscool said...

Congrats. Awesome ascent.