Monday, November 9, 2009


How do you say it, Eye-oh or E-oh?


Anonymous said...


FWIW, I normally just lurk because I don't have anything useful to add.

Back into cloak for me...


richard said...


But, then again I say AWE-ree (awry) and nih-hih-lizm (nihilism) amd I spell colour with a U.

R2K said...

In other words, your a typical "English" speaker trying to speak "American."

DTH Rocket said...

Ditto, I've heard "eye-oh." Cool Pic!

R2K said...

Ey-Oh here also, but here is why I ask:

Carl Sagan called it EE Oh!

(I have confirmed that either one is ok, but eyeoh is the official.)

John A said...

Hi...I'm a rookie to high power model rocketry, and just bought a Warlock model from Loq, weighing 100 oz, along with a 38-29mm adapter. Rec engines are H, I and J. I have never done reloads, only used single-use G motors in the past from Aerotech. Two questions: (1)Can I get enough altitude to fly this thing on a G80 motor if I use a 4 sec delay? (2) Are there any H single-use motors for sale yet anywhere?
Thanks for your help.

John A

High Power Rocketry said...

Sorry not to reply for three years... but no I don't think you should fly a rocket that heavy on a G80 motor. Perhaps a G250 or some other UBER G, but even then it is a risk.

There are few large single use motors out there anymore... but you should get into reloadable as they are easy to assemble and give you the full range of options.