Friday, July 24, 2009

Why I love Giant Leap

This is the latest motor purchase, from the Giant Leap motor division. I am excited to get back into high power soon, now that I can store the motors without a LEUP (probably.) To do this, while also keeping my budget within reason, I purchased the smallest CES motor case that will fly H motors; the Cesaroni Pro29 Pro-X motor, 3g (3 grain). This motor case can now fly the following:

I decided on two Smoky Sam and two Skidmark motors, all G loads. There was a delay in shipping these items because of some complications with the supply of the motors... and to make up for it, GL not only kept me posted regularly, but they also threw in an H motor for free! Now technically, I am cert level 1. But it has been years since I have flown above an H, so this is like reading my mind. Can't wait to put the Graduator up on an H again! (Granted, this is one of the smallest H motors out there, basically a G with an extra gram of propellant.) In other words, thanks Giant Leap!


Dick said...

Motors good. :)

The EGE said...

That is really cool, having a single case that can take both G and H motors. The 29/180 case from Aerotech, which I have, has only the G75 as a G option, which due to its similar impulse and lower thrust will actually throw stuff up higher than on an H.

R2K said...

Plus the G75 was LEUP right?

I love these motors, they are all basically on the edge between G and H. A really nice impulse level. Reasonable cost, doable in smaller rockets, but also able to lift a 5 pounder all the same.

DTH Rocket said...

Cool, I'm really excited about this! I was going to get junior certified this summer, but at this point I might as well wait until next summer when I turn 18.

I don't expect to be staying in level one for very long. There are too many big and cool projects for level two, three, and beyond!

R2K said...

See you in level 5 DTH!