Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Interesting solid rocket designs

"The disadvantage of a solid fuel rocket is the whole block of solid fuel must be located inside a though rocket motor. This implies an excess of weight and of volume. Perhaps there is a way to avoid this drawback."

"One could smear a little bit of solid fuel inside the supersonic diverging nozzle (or inject some liquid fuel). The gasses produced by that additional fuel will be driven to supersonic speed by the gasses coming from the inside of the motor and they will be allowed to expand and accelerate inside the diverging nozzle just like the other gasses. (I believe so, which is not a proof.)"

"This implies the whole rocket motor can be made of solid rocket fuel."

Check out this and other great ideas on topics as wide ranging as rocketry and politics:

Including a proposal for finding extra-solar planets!
Solid rocket motors
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Dick said...

Interesting find. The aerospike article is interesting also. The concepts may not be useful in the real world, but I'll leave that judgment to others.

R2K said...

Yes for the past few years I have been reading the work from this guy. Really wild stuff. I know many of the ideas may never be practical or possible, but I love the rocket idea. Particularly the last rocket image in this post. That is just so cool to me.