Saturday, June 20, 2009

Stratospheric Dreams

One of my personal favorite rocket attempts of all time was this one; an S motor attempt, that sadly failed in a CATO. Simmed to hit over 100,000 feet (claimed at 115,000), the most impressive part of the project has to be the quality of the parts used. At all times this rocket was built like a professional sounding rocket. The fins were actually modified sounding rocket fins, cut down to an appropriate size. Equally impressive was the fact that this rocket was attempted so many years ago. If it had flown, it would have been one of the most famous rockets in the hobby. That it failed does not, to me, justify forgetting it. Just like the OuR rocket, it would be great to see more documentation of this flight. The construction video (called monster rockets, I think) covers this rocket and project 463 in great detail. But it is not available on DVD yet. It is unfair for me to be so critical of others, but I have to think that if I spent thousands of dollars and months in building (and painting; doesn't the purple look great?) an S motor rocket, that I would be willing to throw together a web page showing it off. Perhaps some day...

From the Rocket Dungeon

Sunday, June 14, 2009

ss-25 "Topol"

Single 550 KT warhead.


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Some great rocketry research going on out there!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Project Orion

Below is a youtube video series on Project Orion. I have yet to watch all of the videos.

The best part of Project Orion is the fact that it could, with proven technology and reasonably small costs, send people to Mars and beyond in style. Indeed manned missions to Saturn and Jupiter could also have been done. A small Orion spacecraft could even be launched into near space with solid rocket motors, and then turned on at a safe altitude. This would be a great use for the large nuclear stockpiles in the US and Russia. Source