Sunday, May 31, 2009

Google loves this blog!

For some reason...

High Power
High Power Rocket
High Power Rocketry
Sprint ABM

This page only gets at most 50 hits a day, yet it ranks at times above, and others only one below the TRA web page. If only the quality of posts was consistent enough to justify this ranking.


Dick said...

I see the same thing on my blog. That's a benefit of Blogger. ;)

Anonymous said...

I use another blogging environment and don't unfortunately see the same results. My page views can be 500 - 2000 a day but very few of them come from google searches. The majority come from other places. I tried Blogger before moving to Wordpress. I just like the features of Worpress better.

R2K said...

Well your blog does rank pretty darn well in some instances... you are number one in a few searches I have done.

Part of my shock was that your blog, which has the perfect rocketry address, did not rank above me always.

Anonymous said...

because Google owns Blogger/Blogspot

DTH Rocket said...

Lucky for you! It used to be second on the list. Mine is on like the fifth page.