Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Art Applewhite Free Kits

I have just finished my free kits from Art Applewhite. All of the larger kits remain to be built, but these 5 are all set to fly! They are all 13mm paper kits printed on 110 lbs cardstock. In a previous post, you were able to see my first attempt. The rest are all of a similar coniform design, save one. The most complex 13mm free kit, and the one saved for last for the sake of practice, is pictured here across the bottom. This kit is so much fun to build, taking about 1 hour given some basic practice. Notice the small (4 inch) parachute I made for this kit. It has a full action nose cone and shock cord, like any larger kit might. These are all real flying models, I will take them to a future launch.

Now on to the larger kits!

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