Monday, January 22, 2007


The SORAC Project was initiated in 1995 as a Civil Experimental Aerospace endeavor. The first goal is to place a totally non-government funded vehicle into internationally recognized space, 62 statute miles straight up. The group numbers about 30 persons across the USA, with a local contingent of about 10 persons performing the actual mechanical work on the vehicles.

All vehicles use the safe and inert-till-fueled Hybrid Propulsion System. The fuel grain itself is essentially rubber as found in your automotive tires. The oxidizer is Racing Nitrous you find at Race Tracks around the country. The Nitrous is added at the launch site when the vehicle is mated to its 58 foot launch tower. So the vehicle is totally inert up until moments before launch.

From its inception, the Project has added additional tasks including the design of a Flight Computer that is outstanding in its design and utility. It will soon be offered to outside users with the need for data logging, GPS downlinking, Manchester Encoded Telemetry, and the control of up to 8 onboard functions.

The SORAC Vehicles also feature flight termination so an errant unit will have the motor shut down and reverse thrust applied as well as removing the nose cone for increased drag and recovery of the Flight Computer.

The project is always open to new volunteers and financial assistance.
To volunteer or offer assistance in any way, please contact Bill Colburn at:
1-831 637-2442

P.O. Box 204,
Hollister, CA 95024

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Russian N1

The N1: The biggest rocket yet, also among the most complex, and with one of the worst rates of failure. Was a last ditch effort to carry russians to the moon.

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