Sunday, January 22, 2006

Mars project Phobos EAV

MARS is a British high power - amateur rocketry group. This project uses a kosdon O-10,000 (can you tell I am a bit obsessed with this motor?) and a boosted dart rocket. The goal first of all was to set a new UK altitude record (which they did) and try to attain altitudes above 50,000 feet.

For those new to this topic, boosted darts are rockets that, due to a lack of any motor in them, can be made as aerodynamic and dense as possible. When combined with a large quick burning booster (which they drop off right away before drag from the booster slows them down) they can attain much higher altitudes than with a rocket that has to carry the O-10,000 with it for the whole flight. For the longest time, a boosted dart launched with an R motor (by RRS) held the altitude record in amateur rocketry.

The flight worked pretty well, however it only attained around 35,000 feet for unknown reasons (they suggest a separation failure). Still an O-10,000 flight that recovers is a success on it's own. They did get the new UK record, despite the reduced performance. The previous record was only 15,000 feet or so.


Robert said...

This blog reminds me of October Sky. I even read the book Rocket Boys because I liked it so much. Very cool pictures. Thanks for all the time you spent on the blog!

R2K said...

Thanks, I happen to have some coal from the coal mine in that film.