Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Kosdon O-10,000

This is a web page with the history of the O-10,000 motor. This high thrust 4 inch motor has been used quite a bit for large projects including the thunderbolt posted below. In addition, Rikki Rocket (of poison fame) flew jurassic kik, which was at the time the largest hobby rocket, on the very same motor.

Here is dr Kosdon near one of the first O-10,000 flights. Note the short nose cone, and shaped fins. The very first flight had the same nose cone, but with squre fins as well. Slowly the performance increased as more attention was given to design of the rocket.

And here is the flight of this motor. This launch was at black rock, NV, and did not recover. Indeed no O-10,000 had been able to recover properly until recently.

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