Tuesday, August 26, 2014

First four attempts at rocketry videos

Clearly the Draco is perfect for this purpose and the 38mm Thunderbolt is not! Acme fin cans are fun because they often introduce a bit of spin, and there is nothing wrong with that in a non-video rocket. All of these videos were taken with a very cheap (ca. $15) spy camera from ebay. I have yet to invest more money in videos, but eventually it would be nice to get a good camera like a GoPro Hero or the like. The Draco is rather limited as to altitude; even a 29mm I motor won't get it much past 3,000 feet. That is one benefit to using the Thunderbolt; 38mm J motors and flights beyond 5,000 feet.

In any event, these are tentative first steps into video rocketry. If you have any tips or videos of your own, share in the comments.

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