Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Help with blogger stats

If anyone can help explain this, please leave a comment! About a week ago, this blog started getting a very steady (but spiky) supply of hits to a few recent posts. However, these page views don't seem to be real because they are not significantly influencing Adsense earnings. They also never stop, and look like the graphs above, around the clock. Suddenly this page is getting more hits per month than ever before (even when it was very active) at something like 60,000 hits per month. This is strange indeed. Possibly something wrong with the Google system? No traffic sources are reported in stats.


Unknown said...

I checked the logs for my personal server (Raspberry Pi) and it has seen an increase in activity as well.

Until recently the apache access log would roll over once a week and be a few K in size. Normally the number of entries range from 9 to 50 but the July 6th log has 211 and the current one is up to 194. Not quite up to the levels you are seeing but a big change.

I see multiple "GET /" requests from IP addresses at 202.46.x.x and 119.63.x.x

Mark/GreyLocke said...

Web crawlers and spam nodes trying to generate traffic. Google disallows their hit as they are usually less than a second.