Sunday, May 5, 2013

Massive explosion in Syria

It is unclear who caused this explosion and who was filming, particularly because both sides of the civil war in Syria say the same thing over and over again for both good and bad occasions. The power of the blast implies a hit on some kind of ammunition or explosives depot. If so, so much better for the world that these were not used on civilians or by future terrorists.  This has been blamed on Israel, now known to have conducted some kind of operation over Syria recently.  The link to this explosion is not concrete yet, but entirely possible.

The size of this blast appears to exceed even the largest conventional explosives, the mushroom cloud shape is going to get conspiracy nuts to suggest a nuclear explosive was used. Instead, the more likely scenario is a depot explosion, a secondary caused by rockets/bombs and perhaps a fire.  More "god is great" thrown into this video, because a merciful god would certainly have placed people in Syria during these fun times.  Or is it a vengeful god punishing some enemy?  Either way, one hopes we never have to deal with either Syria or the "peaceful arab spring" in the future.

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