Saturday, February 23, 2013

Aerotech announces single use HPR motors

AeroTech Unveils Pro-SU Motor Line at NARCON Convention in Santa Clara, CA
AeroTech is introducing a game-changing new product for the high power rocketry market, the Pro-SU line of single use motors.  Pro-SU motors are different from previous and existing reloadable and single use motors in the following important ways:
 • No hardware to buy, load, clean or lose
 • High strength, light weight filament-wound fiberglass casing
 • Lighter weight casing means higher performance
 • User adjustable time delays in 2 second increments
 • User adjustable ejection charge- no more "one size fits all" charges
 • High reliability due to less potential for user error while retaining superior customer adjustability
 • Low cost

 The time delay of Pro-SU motors is shortened using AeroTech's new Universal Delay Adjustment Tool, which will be provided free of charge to each customer who purchases one or more Pro-SU motors (one free tool to a customer, please). Pro-SU motors feature a glass-reinforced composite phenolic nozzle, a new molded plastic bulkhead and ship with a FirstFire igniter and bondable thrust ring. Motor performance data including a sample time-thrust curve are printed on the motor label. Pro-SU motors are packaged in a distinctive yellow shipping tube with AeroTech logos printed on the outer spiral wrapping, and the same motor label applied to the outside of the tube for easy identification and performance evaluation by the flyer. Caps on the ends of the tube are applied externally and are easier to remove than internal caps that are stapled to the tube. 

The Pro-SU line will be initially produced in 29, 38 and 54mm diameters. The first Pro-SU motor is the 29mm H135W-14A, a 226 N-sec design using AeroTech's ever-popular White Lightning propellant. This motor is already TRA certified and California State Fire Marshal approved, and can be purchased by certified flyers attending NARCON from Mike Gentile of Bay Area Rocketry. The H135W-14A is competitively priced with existing reload kits at $29.99 each retail. Other Pro-SU motors under development include the 38mm I140W-14A and J270W-14A, which will be submitted for certification shortly. These motors are perfect for Level 1 & 2 certifications and general sport flying and will also be priced competitively with similar reloads.

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