Thursday, December 6, 2012

Wamore Guided Recovery System on Stig B

"This is a video of the first Stig B flight that shows the liftoff and landing in the same camera angle. This precision is not an anomaly! They typically land within 80 meters of the intended point. In this case they were 55 meters from the intended point. Even with the slight damage to the canopy, it still flew like a dream. It had a bit of a line dump when it opened and the slider came down early. Even still everything held together as designed and the unit experienced a perfect recovery. One cautionary note. Make sure you program your landing point in a clear area away from the launch rail. This thing is accurate enough that if you use the launch point you are at risk of crashing into your launch tower when it comes back! Contact Mark Kusbel at Wamore Inc. His company has built and tested guidance units from 25 lbs and less up to 30,000 lbs. The one in the video is rated for 2200+ lbs. Is it expensive? Well, that depends. Cost for a new 4 wheeler or a jeep to chase across the desert, $2000+. The ability to walk 100 yards and walk back with a 100K' shot, priceless!"

 Hopefully onboard footage is pending...

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