Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Important discovery on Mars?

Clearly the team needs to continue working to confirm any discovery before releasing the information.  It is pointless to speculate at this point, but also fun.  Here are my guesses in order from most likely/least exciting to most exciting/least likely:

Amino acids
Biological molecules like RNA, DNA, proteins, fixed nitrogen (ammonia)

I think a smoking gun for life, such as RNA, would not have been announced in this way at all, instead it would have fallen on the president to announce it.  Also, I do not know if this device is capable of identifying RNA.  Similarly, I think the methane discovery may not be important enough to generate this kind of buzz.  So I will settle on amino acids, though they would most likely be from space rather than a biological source.

Any other ideas?  Post a comment if you have a guess.

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