Wednesday, August 29, 2012

BSTC two stage project "Black Streak"

"Black Streak is a project managed under the auspices of the Bolton Science and Technology Centre (BSTC). With this project we have created a reusable rocket for launching high school science projects. The first phase, which was funded by a one off grant from the NWDA, was to create the vehicle, establish the legal and administrative framework required for the launch site, and then carry out the first launch. Black Streak was launched successfully on the 1st of September 2011 and we are now seeking further funding to establish a national competition for payload design across all UK high schools."

This project was built and flown in the UK, and was launched on the coast over water, splashing down for recovery.  It is a two stage minimum diameter project, flying on an N2000 to an N2000 to a projected apogee of 16 - 18 km.  This is an extremely powerful rocket considering the size, and performance (particularly with a longer interstate delay) could be very good indeed.  On slightly better motors, such as two N1100s, 100,000 feet is doable.

Information about the rocket
Large PDF project summary

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