Sunday, August 12, 2012

Accelerator rocket (v1 and 1.1)

"What do you think of this? Pictured is a CTI 5 grain case that with the spacer will hold a K2045 VMAX. The 24 inch body tube stops at the fin can and will be trimmed back to approximately 15 inches. A hardpoint anchor in the motor spacer will connect a Kevlar shockcord (housed in the spacer) from the motor to the body tube via an e-bay bulkhead just outside the nosecone coupler. In dual deploy mode the motor is ejected out of the back of the body tube at apogee and the nosecone which fits around the e-bay for the main. The small gap between the motor tube and nosecone shoulder is where the bulkhead will be inside the bodytube. The custom e-bay holds a 250g Raven and the Walston transmitter head. The top of the e-bay is connected via a Kevlar shockcord to the nosecone. The 36 inch parachute is housed in the nosecone. Empty it weighs about 1 kilogram and loaded about 2.3 kilograms. The sims are outrageous."

Obviously I love this.  This rocket is mostly motor, has a bolt-on fin can, and is focused not on all-out altitude, but rather high thrust and acceleration.  It also has the appeal of a modular rocket that can be adapted for larger or shorter motor cases quickly.

Scale this thing up for an M3700 or an N10,000 even!

Here is the simulated performance:

"1580 mph (mach 2.1) reached after 0.7 seconds at 100 feet of altitude."

The first build thread
The v 1.1 modifications

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