Monday, May 7, 2012

Frames from the H410 video

It is always fun to get onboard footage and then watch a flight one frame at a time.  This is particularly helpful when using a motor as fast as the H410.  I have selected a few interesting frames below.  Thrust was only captured in a few frames (technically it should be 15 frames for a .5 second motor burn time.)

This is the first frame to show motor thrust.  It looks as if the thrust actually started in the middle of a scan.

In the 2nd frame, under thrust, the hefty v max flame can be seen.  A length of metal pipe was used as a standoff, and the flame also appears to have been shot through this pipe seen at mid right.

Now the rocket is really moving, about to leave the tower.

After about .5 seconds, the H410 burns out and the rocket starts a long coast to apogee.  You can see me as a pixel in the upper left.  I was a bit closer than the flight line here because I had to start the camera and then run back.  With a 2 gb memory card, there is no real rush.  But it is a good idea to launch soon anyway for the sake of uploading to youtube.

This image is from near apogee, around 1800 feet.

Here we can see most of the METRA launch area.

This was taken moments after apogee.  It is hard to see what is going on, but I wanted to include this to show the surrounding clouds.  This rocket just barely scraped the cloud level.  It never did enter a cloud, but was in a bit of haze between lower clouds.

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