Saturday, April 21, 2012

Talon 2 flight anomaly

More images of this Talon here.
And another Talon from the same flight that had minor flight problems as well.


Admin said...
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Admin said...

Let me try this comment again. :-)

That's my Talon 2. The motor failed, burning through the side of the motor and the rocket. I had a run of bad luck with that rocket. None of the problems were related to the quality or design of the kit.

One time I launched it in too much wind with too little of a motor and it arced into the ground. I repaired it then it suffered the fate pictured above.

-- Roger (

High Power Rocketry said...

Love the pic!

Admin said...

"Love the Pic!"

A good photo almost makes up for having to watch your rocket's flight fail. :-)

More photos of that ill-fated flight begin at:

And my Talon wasn't the only one that had problems that day. Check out the series of photos starting at:

-- Roger