Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What is the smallest motor that can fly an 8 ft tall, 10 inch dia. rocket?

How about a G40?


Dick said...

That's pretty awesome. My two attempts at big and light never would fly on a G40! The 8" x 6' flew on G80's, and my 8.5" x 8' could have flown on a G80 but was better on an H165. Both were mostly foamboard and cardstock. Any info on how that one was constructed?

High Power Rocketry said...

No info that I can find, and this happens to be a launch that I did not attend. What I do hear is that it is a tractor rocket, that is the motor is near the top, and that it has a hollow core for the motor to thrust, and possibly an open top as well?

For years I considered making a low power, ie D12 rocket, that is based on some thin dowels, a basswood thrust ring and fins, and one of those huge sausage shaped balloons that you get at carnivals... Not sure if that is possible. It would be about 6 inches by 6 ft I think.