Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Loki Dart booster on sale - $600

"It represents a significant part of the 60's Space program and is a definite piece of history as the government fired a limited number of these rockets up 40-50 miles doing high altitude meteorological research. Everything that this rocket accomplished was a result of the first 2.2 seconds (the motor burn). Seperation would occur at around 10,000 ft, at that point it would be doing 4600 - 4800 MPH. The top dart would coast from the seperation altitude to apogee (250,000 ft - 50 miles) me, that's simply amazing!

It is made from aluminum, measures 79" long, 4" in diameter not counting the four 8"x2" fins. It weighs 12-1/2 lbs (no payload). It is also painted a faded military greenish color and features cool looking burn marks from being launched. It originally featured a 52" top dart which I never acquired so I turned a smaller tip for it from wood on a lathe then painted red just so it would display nice."

I think I would rather have the dart, but this is still very cool! Note that this 80 inch x 4 inch case, much longer than a CTI Pro-x 98mm 6GXL, only weighs about as much as the CTI case... and that is with fins! Good mass fractions are crucial to high performance flight. The rocket approximates my ideal hobby rocket stage; a N5800 motor with aluminum fins welded onto the case, and a short aluminum nosecone attached directly to the top of the motor case. This rocket could achieve about 80,000 feet if launched from sea level. More importantly, as an upper stage ignited in the regime between 30,000 and 50,000 feet, this type of rocket could be expected to break 100 km.

Listed on Craigslist.

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