Friday, May 6, 2011

Three new Art Applewhite rockets

To add to my already large collection of Applewhite rockets, including the free 13mm kits pictured below, I have purchased a 24mm long Hourglass and a 24mm Super Cinco, both in orange.

The last Cinco was sadly lost when it fell into a ditch and melted (it was a 100% paper kit.) But before that flight, it had made many others. It is a great looking rocket, with interesting flight performance. That is the hallmark of an Applewhite rocket. I already have a 24mm Hourglass (short) and fly it at least once per launch, but it has become such a regular in the lineup that I have decided to add one more for drag races and to expand the motor list. I had intended to modify and fly this tiny rocket on an F240, but Art informed me in no uncertain terms that it should not fly on such a motor. Recovery would be dangerous as the empty reload is still too heavy. I was personally most concerned about flight stability, strength is also an issue. I will test the rocket with the 3G case for the F240 just to see how it looks and feels, but will NOT fly it in that configuration. Eventually I will have to get the 1G case from the CTI 24mm line to fly the new vmax E motor. That will be a more suitable way to fly the Hourglass.

In addition to these two kits, Art included a free 18mm Turbo Delta Saucer (my first saucer.) Art always includes a free rocket with orders. Will post images once they are done!

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