Saturday, May 7, 2011

All the rage in Japan these days...

"Horse gas masks were first used during World War I to protect horses from harmful chemical agents. Horses were the primary mode of transporting men and material to war zones and needed protection from irritating chemicals like chlorine and phosgene, used during that time. The mask on the right is a post war Soviet mask accompanied by a pair of gas proof goggles. Like most horse respirators, this mask was probably used in conjunction with a gas proof cape and leggings. The full head example is Serbian and used for protecting horses against biological and chemical warfare."

It is fascinating to see a war, WWI, where the technology for heavier-than-air flight and chemical weapons existed, but men were still transported by horse.

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Arjan said...

it's a sad thing that history on WW1 is not taught enough overhere since we didn't participate in it.

Never knew (didn't think about it) the horses were outfitted with these masks. A logical step though.