Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Thunderbolt 38mm on-board footage

Finally uploaded, this is the first ever video taken by the tiny "spy cam." The motor is a G106 skidmark by CTI, and the rocket is a fiberglass kit with an Acme fin can. At the moment of recovery (:30), a cloud of wadding can be seen (dog barf style) and in two frames one can also see the orange nosecone shatter and fall away. The rocket spins way too much for video work, so other kits will be used next time.

I am pretty happy with the quality of this video, considering that the camera cost about $15 with a 2 GB card.


Arjan said...

is there any decent way to prevent that much spinning?

R2K said...

Yes - better balance on the rocket. I can alter the fins to cut down on it, but first I will try new rockets and see if any of them naturally fly without much spin.

Further, I need a way to edit the video without losing quality. I would rather not pay for a program either, but may have to.