Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fukushima now a level 7 nuclear accident

From CNN

Level 7 = Major accident:

Impact on people and environment:

"Major release of radio­active ­material with widespread health and environmental effects requiring implementation of planned and extended ­countermeasures."

This plant now has a 20 KM exclusion zone around it, compared to the only other level 7 accident, Chernobyl with a 30 KM exclusion zone. It should be said that the Chernobyl zone was probably the minimum possible, as the USSR did not exactly hold human life as highly as we do in the PC world today (in industrialized nations that is.) Still, those who keep downplaying this multiple meltdown and partial containment failure are losing credibility by the day.


Arjan said...

*not judging - since a lot has changed since the tsunami hit* but you've shifted to the 'there's a serious problem'side too haven't you?

R2K said...

Honestly, I started out very cautious when covering this. 9 times out of 10 it is the public that overreacts to anything nuclear. But in this one instance, the accident is very serious, and the severity of the meltdowns (yeah multiple meltdowns! I don't think that has ever happened.) has matched the public panic about radiation. Now the voices most needing a correction are the apologists for nuclear power.

Notice how I started out with a great deal of faith in the nuclear power industry of Japan. All along we were told how much better things are now, and how Chernobyl was a confluence of bad design, human error, and a collapsing USSR. Turns out it was pretty much your standard once a decade major nuclear accident. Happens to have been the most deadly, but three mile island was not far from taking that record. As was this latest event.