Thursday, March 10, 2011

Old NASA footage

Wont let me embed.
"Tests conducted in 1959 at NASA Langley Research Center's 20 foot Vertical Spin Tunnel. Along with reentry vehicles other model footage can be seen in this video."

Same problem with this video.
"The test demonstrates the investigation of the dynamic stability and controllability of a towed model of a modified half-cone reentry vehicle. The test was conducted by Robert E. Shanks in NASA Langley Research Center's Full Scale Tunnel."

Test of the US Akron and Lakehurst Hangar
"Test conducted in NASA Langley Research Center's Full Scale Tunnel in 1935. The first part of the clip shows the tests of a 1/14 scale airship. Smoke streams were used in this test. The second half of the clip shows smoke streams being used to test a 1/14 scale model of the airship's hangar which was located in Lakehurst, New Jersey. The purpose was to measure pressure-distribution measurements.The two engineers who conducted the test, Smith DeFrance and Abe Silverstein, later became Directors of NACA laboratories at Ames and Lewis, respectively."

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