Monday, November 22, 2010

Plane crash in Brooklyn?


Are people in this project building a jet to fly them away to some tropical island? Is this the set for LOST the film?

Note the different colors blurring behind the jet, obviously it was moving very quickly past the ground while the satellite tried to image it. But it is still very crisp all the same. I imagine that, presuming it is flying at an altitude of a few thousand feet, it is larger looking than it should be against those cars and trees. The depth is totally lost here, and the jet looks as if it were just sitting on the ground. When a camera is several hundred miles up, thousands of feet of elevation get compressed into almost nothing. The entire troposphere looks rather cute and thin from space:

There are many planes captured in odd Google Earth images from time to time, but I have to say this is one of the best that I have seen. I found it quite by accident while browsing to find directions to a post office in this part of Brooklyn.


So after doing all of this research, I decided to use Google streetview (TM) to get a closer look:

Interesting. A bit TOO interesting if you ask me. Doesn't this look a bit like a chemtrail conspiracy? You decide for yourself, don't let me try and convince you! (Yes it is a chemtrail, and I got a bloody nose a few weeks ago. Coincidence? You decide. [No it isn't a coincidence, it is a chemtrail conspiracy.])

But seriously, a large truck was blocking the view so I might have to investigate on foot tomorrow, while walking to the post office!


Monte said...

I'd say it's heading for LaGuardia.

R2K said...

I bet so...