Monday, November 22, 2010

F-15 Quiet Spike

"Quiet Spike is a collaborative program between Gulfstream Aerospace and NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center to investigate the suppression of sonic booms.
An eventual outcome of the project is to develop technology that may allow next generation supersonic transports to overfly populated areas at above Mach 1 without the high intensity of sonic boom that proved problematic for first generation supersonic transports such as Concorde (c.f. Operation Bongo). Gulfstream has a particular interest in resolving this problem because of its desire to build a supersonic business jet."

Blog template update:

Obviously I have not done much work around here to change the template. The fact that I only get about 100 readers a day, and few of them ever comment, really doesn't light a flame under my keyboard! : ) However, I just removed the thin google adsense ad bar from the top of the blog. No one clicks on my ads, I don't make much money anymore as a result of rock bottom rates from google, and frankly I would rather have the page look better without them. This is a labor of love not profit. Having said all this, if you have any comments or advice on how to improve the look or function of this page, please post them.


MarkW said...

If you're looking for more readers and comments (and I don't know if that's your main goal) then have you considered changing the name of your blog? I like high power rocketry- which is why I clicked on your blog in the first place- but you have so many posts covering so many different and interesting science topics that I think your blog's title is a bit misleading. People who would love to read your blog are missing out because they're never going to find it if they aren't also interested in high power rocketry. A more decriptive title that encompasses all your interesting posts would undoubtedly boost your readership.

Just a thought.

R2K said...

Thanks for the feedback. I am worried about changing the name simply because most of my visitors actually get here from searching "High power rocketry" in Google!