Friday, October 1, 2010

More updates from Balls 19

Because I cannot be there in person, and would not have anything big enough to fly anyway, I have to live through youtube videos, and frequently rejected email requests for more information. Sigh.

A nice, high altitude N1000 flight.

A set of highlights. It looks like the Proteus 6.5 is in there.

Jeff Jakob's Team, R-10,000 Hybrid attempt at 150,000 feet

Rocket: 28 feet, 8" diameter


Anonymous said...

I herd the R-10,000 only went to 50,000 ft- have you heard what happened?

R2K said...

No recovery that I can see or hear on the wire... I would guess that was better than 50,000 feet just from the looks of it... very high. But maybe I am just biased by the fact that it was an R motor.

R2K said...

I asked Jeff by email what happened to the flight, he seemed reluctant to give any information.

DTH Rocket said...

Very, very cool. I would love to go to the Black Rock launch someday, but first I have to get to that level. If I recall, they don't let you fly anything smaller than a K motor.