Saturday, September 25, 2010

STVs by Shadow Hawk

This has very little to do with rocketry, but I wanted to expose rocketry readers to the types of things posted over at R2K.

"Shadow Hawk Vehicles' series of vehicles are what the world has been missing. They are high performance, low maintenance, and ultra luxurious vehicles. The boldly styled vehicles use impressive power-to-weight ratios, 46 inches of wheel travel, active suspension, and caster and camber control systems to challenge the sports cars of today and dominate off road environments. These massive looking machines are about the same size as a Corvette. They are neither car nor truck...they are Super Terrain Vehicles.

The Super Terrain Vehicles were designed to comfortably seat a large range of body types, from petite individuals to tall sports figures. The seating area was designed differently from traditional vehicles. We feel the most important aspect of a vehicle is comfort which means your seating position. So, just like race cars have always been, we place you in the ideal seating position and move the instruments, steering wheel and pedals to you. Any other way of adjustment only compromises your ultimate comfort.

Each Super Terrain Vehicle has 46 inches of independent wheel travel. This wheel travel does not affect the camber or caster geometries like current vehicles. Using very creative engineering, the wheel moves through the range of motion while keeping the camber and caster at their optimum angles.

Using a revolutionary active suspension the Super Terrain Vehicles' deliver a ride that is smooth and luxurious. Unmatched comfort is delivered through pneumatically sprung seats and an interior that was laid out specifically for comfort, accessibility and practicality.

Adding to all of these extraordinary features is a five foot long, 29.2 cubic foot storage area."

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