Monday, August 2, 2010

Lies again from a space attempt

Not a big shock, particularly when so much advertising is rinding on a launch. But when the Sony rocket project page says:

And then, a few weeks later, it comes out that the rocket failed to recover the first stage and had a motor failure on the upper stage, it feels a bit confusing. It is particularly shameful that the Sony launch video was edited to cut out the motor failure later in the flight.

Under the video, a comment explains why this was such a short edit.

"Over the coming days and weeks we will be sifting through the hundreds of hours of footage from this journey. We wanted to give you guys, the fans who have stuck with us through the past few months, a quick update. Stay tuned as there will be more to come and more stories from the launch!"

Is that really why it was cut right before the multiple failures?

Flicker images showing multiple launch failures.

There is nothing easy about a rocket like this, and it may take 5 tries to get it right, and I certainly hope this team keeps on trying. There is nothing wrong with failure. We learn as much from failure as we do from a good flight, sometimes more. But lying about a flight, no matter how much your Sony sponsors demand it, is not right. Do us all a favor and be open and honest. Model yourself after NASA rather than the Soviet Space program.

On the plus side, I finally got confirmation that this was a 3xP to P configuration, which is pretty huge! Try again soon guys, and maybe next time get a better sponsor.


Dick said...

This part of it is PR not rocketry. The rocket folks at the Mavericks built an amazing airframe and big a$$ 'P' motors. The Sony part appears to have been fluff. But if they paid the guy's at the Marvericks to have big fun, more power to them.

R2K said...

It would help if they release full information. The video footage would be nice to see, but it is in a private youtube video?

david.schultz said...

I checked the NOTAM in effect at the time and there is a problem with it:

!LOL 07/009 LLC AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET 8 NMR LLC312049 FL500/BLW 1630-2030 DLY WEF 1007241630-1007252030
!LOL 07/006 LLC AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET 8 NMR LLC312049 15000/BLW 0400-0600 DLY WEF 1007190400-1007250600
!LOL 07/005 LLC AIRSPACE UNMANNED ROCKET 8 NMR LLC312049 FL500/BLW 2030-2330 DLY WEF 1007192030-1007252330

The maximum effective altitude is FL500. (50,000' MSL, more or less)

This isn't consistent with the claimed goal of 150,000'.

DTH Rocket said...

I was pretty mad when I heard it, too. Right from the start of the project I was suspicious of Sony. It's all a gimmick. It's not science, it's not learning, it's just an advertising campain.


R2K said...

Still looking forward to future RM projects, these guys are serious. Too bad they just can't get hobby sponsors.

Anonymous said...

I'm a very amateur rocketry enthusiast who did a bit of TARC in my high school career. It disappoints me that they had to lie about this rocket. Do you know if the high school students actually contributed anything?

R2K said...

I think they helped out here and there, certainly. But the rocket was designed and built by the rocketry experts.