Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Boeing B-47B rocket-assisted take off on April 15, 1954

This just in: Rocketry is great.


Here is something not so great, from the interesting world of Christianity. I did not yet take the time to read this whole thing, but at first glance it falls somewhere between crazy and utterly bat-shit insane. But since in appears to involve rocketry and aerospace (in addition to Scientology, the only religion as crazy as this web page.)

"We are now coming to an intersection that will show the link between Scientology, Satanism, the American Space Program and Freemasonry."

Yes according to this flow chart, Jews actually created the Nazis as part of a scheme (with Scientology and goth music) to bring sodomy and other sins to the world, via the space program. Still wondering why I am an atheist?

If we take the Bible at face value and that it is the Word of God, this is the only conclusion we can reach. As we have learned from the Bible, Satan and his fallen angels were banished from the heavens (space) and confined to the earth. This followed a devastating space war. God's holy angels are using the planet earth as a giant "prisoner of war" camp and detaining Satan and his fallen angels from once again getting back out into space."

Yes I know that most Christians are not crazy at all.


Dick said...

+1 for bat-shit crazy

DTH Rocket said...

While I don't join you on the atheist part, I do join you in hating lies from idiots.


Awesome pic!

R2K said...

Then on that note we agree!

Anonymous said...

We seem to be philosophically from the same mold :-)
BTW - Got an email from Neil deGrasse Tyson. He saw that blog entry I wrote about him
- you had commented with a link to his talk on "Intelligent design". What a nice guy! I can't believe he emailed me.

R2K said...

He is a great guy. I go to his lectures and often bump into him at science events (and sometimes science parties which are the best obviously.)

He does keep up with thousands of fans, and runs his facebook page as well. I made it under the wire as one of the 5000 friends.