Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sony rocket project launches!

"After seven months, an indefinite weather hold and several launch delays, the Rocket Project team successfully launched a 29-foot, 1,100-pound, two-stage rocket. Stay tuned for more from Black Rock, Nevada."

This launch looks strangely slow. The actual configuration is not clear, but it sounds like this was 3x P to one O. Performance remains to be seen, but altitude does not look like space based on this single video. However, the quality of the performance here is hard to understate. A successful launch with a rocket of this size is really something. All of my fears about failures and the team never getting to launch were, I am happy to report, blown apart by this launch. There were two launches, and while this one seems to have worked very well (into the coast phase), the other only had 2 of the 3 first stage motors burning and crashed. For the Sony launch, what was recovery like? What was the configuration, and performance here? Lots of questions left, in time they will be answered.

We are all looking forward to data and onboard footage!

Congratulations are in order for:

The Rocket Mavericks

Thanks due to Sony for funding this project. Next time please cut back on the product placement, that is not how funding science usually works. A simple Sony logo on the rocket and a link or two on the web page (and free laptops to each student) would suffice.

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