Thursday, June 17, 2010

"Sweet Sixteen Dragrace"

This is one source for the J1999N story.

I am not sure this is the picture we need to show to the world, now that the BATF is (correctly) off our backs. There seem to be a ton of shreds at LDRS this year, not to mention a burn incident involving several people (some of whom were not involved in rocket setup at the time, but who were just watching.) One would think we as a hobby would start to move past this failure mode, particularly with the overbuilding trend that most subscribe to with composite airframes becoming the norm in high power. If doing a stunt like this (and yes a 16 rocket drag race is a stunt not a launch) there should be a voluntary extra distance used by spectators. A complex level 2 rocket would need to be twice as far as this crazy launch was, and it is far safer than this wound up being.

Obviously most flights at LDRS this year have been normal, and since I am not there it may seem unfair to judge based on the worst outcomes only. But these types of things should never happen. Accidents yes, people standing next to rockets during the accidents, no.

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