Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Apogee Altimeter One

"'AltimeterOne' is the ONE altimeter that you'll use in every rocket you fly to find out how high it went. Why? The four main reasons are because it displays the altitude on an LCD screen, it is so easy to use, it doesn't require a payload bay like other altimeters, and it is small and lightweight."

I plan on ordering one soon.



Anonymous said...

I too plan to get one. It will probably replace my little Pico for small rockets. It looks like some thought went into this one and I love that I can recharge from my laptop.

R2K said...

I would love to see one, perhaps for $79, that has data logging and an accelerometer. I personally dont use altimeters, mostly because my rockets are small and dont need them, but I would love one that is simple, cheap, and that has some data involved.

I hate having to build a whole bay for one, and also to deal with boards and batteries. This thumb-drive format is nice.

DTH Rocket said...

It looks like a good bargain. I'm thinking about ordering one, too, but I will have to wait until after I order all my high power stuff!

:) :) :)