Monday, April 26, 2010

Sony Rocket Project

Now, two weeks later, still no update on this project. There have been good windows since the launch date, but no launch was attempted from what I gather here.

One would think that, with all of those Sony Vaio Z series computers with Intel Core i5 processors, they would be able to launch a rocket.


DTH Rocket said...

Yeah. If I were one of the kids on that team, I'd be frustrated with Sony, for a couple reasons. First of all, it isn't the computer that's launching a rocket! Second, I'd feel like the whole project is much less meaningful because it's all just a publicity gimmick for Sony.

Oh well.

R2K said...

I agree with you DTH. I just want them to launch it already! The web page is really lame and never updated. It has gotten bad reviews around the internet because of this. Just fly the rocket already. I sure hope they are not stuck on some FAA issue or legal problems, because that is the kind of thing you do in advance!