Friday, April 30, 2010

Some recent searches to this page

ikaros light sail
high-power low-energy-consumption rocket (sounds very cool!)
100 meter telescope
convert phantom 4000 to aerotech (where did you get this Phantom 4000?!?)
sounding rocket elliptical orbit lunar (Nice!)
small solid rocket motors students
n prize plans
CTI N 10000
Aces High Light Aircraft (?)
manned venus fly
rocketry q motor

In addition, this page was linked from an article about scram jet testing: Posted in the Coober Pedy Regional Times (from Australia.)

If you did any of these searches, please come visit and tell us in a comment what you were working on!


Dick said...

re: Phantom 4000 - When Estes acquired NCR, they released kits with a motor mount sized for their own Dark Star motors, which were skinnier than standard 29mm. Thus, standard motors wouldn't fit. (IIRC AT reloads might have.) I retrofitted mine for a standard 29mm mount by reaming out the plastic centering rings.

R2K said...

Yes I had a P4000 also, but I wonder why they would be searching for it now... where can someone still get one of these kits?