Wednesday, April 21, 2010

New reloads

Today, a shipment from arrived. This web page is a great source for very cheap motors, up to G impulse, with prices often half of those found on every other web page. Granted, they often do not have all of the motors in stock, but for under $100 shipped I got 4 G motors, 2 large F motors, and 3 small F motors (plus some igniters.) That is a great deal, and will cover my low power range for the rest of the flying year. (Some H motors will be on the way soon after, for the high end.) The motors are:

2x G76-7G
2x G53-5FJ
2x F52-5T
3x F12-5J

Soon to arrive are 4 Pro-x 38 H motors. For a total of almost $300, these had better last the rest of the year, if not into next year even! (That would be 1 H, 1 G, and 1 F at each of 4 more launches.) To help pace things out, I will also bring out the 4 x 24mm rocket and fly some D motors. And as always, there will be the Estes level kits.

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