Thursday, April 1, 2010

4x Q motor - The Beagle IV

You may remember a previous post here: Q motors!

Here is the flicker update found during the daily visit to TORD.

"Beagle IV construction is nearing completion, and I like the anodized metal pre-painting. She looks just like the 3D sim from my earlier post. For a sense of scale, the four Q motors have 16x the thrust of a cruise missile booster.

Tom just got the FAA Class 3 waiver approved. So she's ready to break Mach 4 this summer and sample the biome of space!

What lives up there? It’s beyond the reach of bursting balloons, and prior rockets have not stopped to sample the thermosphere en route to orbit.

Freeman Dyson posits that life should exist on comets and asteroids. Venter believes that life on Earth did not evolve from scratch in the oceans. Most of that water came from comets, which could easily have carried genetic seeds or at least chemical precursors.

"Panspermia is how life is spread throughout the universe and we are contributing to it from earth by launching billions of microbes into space." (Craig Venter on EDGE)

“Recent findings suggest there could have been substantial biological exchange between the planets. Every year, researchers calculate, two tons of Martian material rain down on Earth” (TIME)"

This is great first of all because it is a big rocket, with enough power to break the hobby-amateur altitude record (standing at around 72 miles.) It is great to see exploration and experimentation being done in the hobby. This rocket has a pretty interesting purpose; to search for life in the upper atmosphere. And the best part of all is that the rocket looks like it is nearly complete! This is so rare in large projects, which almost always fail to fly. What a video this one will make!


Chrisn said...

Its the same rocket thats being used for the "sony rocket project" Apparently 3 of them have been built.

R2K said...

Oh that is interesting... so did the students design this? Or did these guys? This info adds a new dimension.

Chrisn said...

It appears the students didn't actually make anything, or come up with any design solutions for this particular rocket. They might have only learned about it. Photos on flickr do show them putting one of these Beagle IV rockets together.

R2K said...

Yes I agree, but the did do some building work. I am glad that they are getting involved and into it, but upset as always when people lie about things. Particularly lies about rocketry, it really hurts me! :)