Friday, March 5, 2010

Cradle of Aviation

If you live in the NYC area, consider visiting The Cradle of Aviation Museum.


DTH Rocket said...

Can I ask you a kind of random question? What do you do for a job?

R2K said...

Good question! My job is a bit harder to explain, certainly without telling everyone on the internet exactly who I am and what I do, but I was a science student in college. I am 27, and have a BS in biology with some geology, astronomy, and other branches of science mixed in (either formally educated or just learning on my own, which is the best way.)

I have done some research, mostly as an undergrad, in aquatic ecology. I am also a microscopist, though I have yet to turn that into a job! (Some day...)

I now teach at a large institution as a scientist-educator. The idea is I am a link between the teachers and the researchers to help both work as a team to educate and involve students of all ages. I do informal education for the most part, that means not serial classroom lectures as a professor would.

I bet we share a similar love for nature and science. This is something that will always be more important to me than any given job, and rocketry is a major hobby along those lines. I am still torn between either returning to research full time, or continuing on as an educator.

My hobbies include rocketry, kayaking, snorkeling and scuba, astronomy (telescopes etc.), and using a metal detector to search beaches. I also like hiking, computers, and yes obviously computer games like Quake 3.

You can probably tell from my comments that I am happy to see you planning for your college experience and that you will get into science.

Maybe someday I will be able to openly show my identity online, and then I can formally invite you to my "institution" for a tour of the research labs and other things.

DTH Rocket said...

Thanks, I've been kind of curious. You seem to have a wide range of interests, so I was wondering what it was that you do.

I hope to go into science related disciplines, but mostly engineering. I likely will focus on propulsion, because I find it frustrating that it takes so much energy to cover the great distances of space. It's so inefficient using current rocket technology, and perhaps there are ways to improve that. There might be some great discovery around the corner that will revolutionize the space industry. I hope to have a part in it, even a small part!

R2K said...

Yes, I think VASMIR is a possible great technology. And we also have fusion and light sailing as well! It would be great if you got into rocketry, I always dream of being a professional but it doesnt look likely. However, if I get really lucky and win the lotto (and since I never play, I have to be extra lucky...) I plan to make an aerospace company and just do experimental rocketry and research and such.

I bump into Neil D. Tyson often, he is a nice guy and I think if you keep reading his work and maybe check out his youtube videos (if you have not already), you may enjoy them.