Saturday, February 27, 2010

Space mice (incl. space mouse 3)

This page shows the evolution of a series of altitude rockets, culminating in a three stage rocket called space mouse 3. While this rocket did not fly properly, with a shred in the upper stage, it was on the way to 40,000 feet or so at that point.

"After four attempts with the three staged Space Mouse, I am regrouping for another attempt in 2009. The 2008 attempt at Black Rock was an unfortuante disaster. First stage was a L1120, staging to a K250, and then, to another K250 in the sustainer. After a great lift off, the rocket began veering off vertical. However, all stages separated and fired as planned. At 24,000 feet and traveling 1600 mph, the upper airframe of the sustainer apparently collapsed at Max Q. This occured just before bunrout of the motor. All parts were recovered."

It is interesting to see spiral wound fiberglass airframes here, these are far heavier than optimal. Altitude records are constantly getting blown away now because of improved material technology, where carbon fiber is king. I am a bit confused about the 38mm upper stage; the web page says K250 - K250 in the upper stage, but here we see a 38mm model that must fly on a J or less. Probably, there are a few rockets here in a few different combinations.

Here is a video by the same rocket scientist:

As one comment says: "pretty interesting that the first stage had the rocket spinning counter-clockwise then the second stage spun it clockwise."

All projects by Kurt Gugisberg


The EGE said...

Also way cool how you can see the shadow of the smoke trail, including the gap from staging.

R2K said...

Right? Is it a nice vid.