Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Sounding Rocket Videos

That post last night made me search out some other sounding rocket videos.

"NASA NSROC sounding rocket compilation to Audioslave."

"This video is of a Hickman payload launched out of Wallops Island in 2006. The E-field booms are Rob Pfaff's." Dumb music, but great footage. Check out what appears to be aerodynamic heating on reentry near the end of the video, and those spinup motors during the start.

"Onboard video of a NASA Terrier-Orion flight. The video starts at T+10s, which is just seconds before Orion ignition." This one is hard to watch, maybe skip around a bit. It is interesting that there is sound almost all the way through the video, one would not expect that in space or even near space. It is also interesting to see how the Earth moves far more wildly towards apogee.

"Images from the RockOn! 2009 workshop at NASA Wallops in June 2009, culminating in the launch of a Terrier-Orion sounding rocket on June 26."

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