Thursday, February 4, 2010

Man hurt after homemade rocket explodes on his back while sledding

"(CNN) -- A 62-year-old Michigan man was severely burned when a homemade rocket strapped on his back exploded while he slid down a snowy hill on a sled, authorities said this week.

The rocket stunt was the grand finale on Saturday during the man's annual sledding party at his Oakland County, Michigan, home, the sheriff's department said.

"He is known for doing 'crazy things' at his parties," an Oakland County sheriff's department statement said. "On this date, after consuming an unknown quantity of alcohol, he constructed a device out of a motorcycle muffler and pipe.""

This may look bad for serious rocketry people, but it is pretty much worth it because the guy got what he deserved and in a very funny way. Muffler pipes are NOT strong enough to use as a motor case.

"Inside the makeshift rocket, the victim placed gunpowder, heads from matches and gasoline. He donned a helmet and took a sled to the top of a snowy embankment."

For the record, this was not a rocket but a bomb. The worst part is, he clearly did not understand how rockets work or how to build one. Had he simply picked up a J motor, this would have had a happy ending. Until the flame burnt through his clothes, that is, almost instantly, and he got badly burnt in a different spot.

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