Saturday, February 13, 2010


This is a fun video about the ELT 42 meter optical planned for construction in South America.

However, I prefer this plan:

The OWL was to be a 60+ meter (ideally 100 meter) optical telescope. Or as one Youtube comment puts it, "a big ass dob."

Either way, with the 42 meter model, we can expect impressive results. But I do not yet understand how the adaptive optics will allow it to be so sharp. They claim 15x better than Hubble. That I will believe when they achieve it, because the Hubble is just about the sharpest telescope on hand, and is competing well with 10 meter Earth based telescopes as we speak.

Now for a comparable cost, this space telescope will probably (imho) produce the best results. It will revolutionize our astronomy as much as Hubble did in the 1990s:

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