Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crayon Pack - 8 Crayon rockets

"Since a friend pointed out that my I-ROC looked like a Crayon®, I've had the idea in back of my mind to build a Crayon rocket. Not just a Crayon rocket, but a pack of Crayon rockets! The smallest pack of Crayons I could find had eight, so that is the number. Of course, the eight rockets are pretty much standard mid-power rockets. But, they were to be launched from a box (the yellow and green Crayon box, of course) in rapid succession.

I decided to build the kit from Loc/Precision components, since they have a nice selection listed on their site, including pre-slotted airframe tubing, which will save a lot of work.

Note that this project suffered a long hiatus. I actually started it in 1998, and it was one of my first scratchbuilding projects. Work resumed in August 2004, more than six years later and finally completed in September, just in time for XPRS."

A John Coker project.

What a cool idea!

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