Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Unwanted Blog

I found some really cool posts over at The Unwanted Blog. Granted, the political and gun posts may not always mesh with what I think, but I am more than willing to ignore that because of all the other cool things. I am also interested in guns, but I don't believe that giving each person a gun will reduce gun crime and murders... call me a crazy liberal but that is my thinking on the matter. Wait I was supposed to ignore that right? :) Anyway, among many other things (browse on your own time) there were some cool images of the Sprint ABM, and also more importantly good information on how the powerful motors were made:

The Sprint post

For some reason I posted the wrong link, it has been updated.


The EGE said...

I like the Sprint stuff. It's on my really really long list of stuff to make a scale model of... eventually.

I try to stay publicly apolitical as much as I can, but man is it hard. For some reason, there's about half a dozen hard-right crazy wackos, and nothing will ever shut them up.

If you're a crazy liberal, then so I am. Your membership card and window sticker will arrive in 2 to 4 weeks.

R2K said...

Haha thanks for the support Edge, and as always thanks for reading and commenting here.

Anonymous said...

You crazy liberal like me!
Great find I love conical rockets of any sort so have always been drawn to the Sprint.

R2K said...

conical = the best shape ever, the natural rocket shape. I always teach "drunk rocketry" when at a bar with friends by turning napkins and coasters into cones, and throwing them. When heavy enough, they always fly better than a paper plane would at the hands of such novices... they are darts, and are natural born rockets.

A long time ago, in the late 90s when I had more rocketry time and money, I made a rocket called simply: "The Dart." It was a 72 inch long 38mm fiberglass rocket with an acme fin can. Before I certified, it flew on G125s for low and slow and rather scary flights (this thing could go through a car if it came in ballistic.)

But the most extreme part of the rocket was not the length or ratio between mass and frontal area (approaching the legal limits!), but the great 38mm nosecone. It was a fiberglass conical, sharp as a needle at the tip. It was a dream, and sadly I lost it :(

thimscool said...

Nobody asked you to give out guns, ya flamin leebral.

Just don't try to take them or prevent others from defending themselves...

You are free to exercise your right to not be armed.

R2K said...

:) Thim my life is directly at risk because hand guns are easy to get in america. Period.

It doesnt hurt the conservatives who live in the suburbs or country - they dont have to deal with the downsides of easy gun laws and gun shows, it is people who live in cities (about half of the world's population now) that suffer.

There are precious few cases where a good person with a gun saved anyone from a bad person with a gun. The more guns you have, the more gun crimes you will have. Indeed you are more likely to be shot by a person you know than a stranger - just having a gun on hand greatly increases the changes of a gun crime being committed.

We make our laws for the greater good of all the people. Not based on what worked in the late 1700s, or what works in the deep forest of east bumblefuck... Countries with few guns have few gun crimes. Go figure.