Wednesday, December 9, 2009

You call that a rocket? This is a rocket!

This shows the assembly and parts of the Saturn V. Click to embiggen most cromulently. (I split the image in half so that Google would accept it and keep it readable. However, the first one is still not so great. Click here for the full size image.)

I love this one, does anyone know the source? Maybe from a How Things Work book or something like that? The Cahall Observatory blog was my initial source:



Dick said...

Cool find!

R2K said...

Yes but I Cant get the picture loaded up big enough on Blogger, at least not in one piece that is... stupid software.

darkstar said...

How can I get a copy of this blow up. I cant print it like it is.
I want to get a poster of it.

Jamie said...

I got the Saturn V poster here:

Its from a book called
"Incredible Cross Sections" the the illustrator Stephen Biesty.

(Cahall Observatory)